How To: Create brown smokey eyes with a purple lash line

Create brown smokey eyes with a purple lash line

Smokey eyes are so boring, don't you think? Whether or not you vary the colors (blue smokey eye versus black and silver smokey eye) the same idea is there: layer it on, smoke it out, and presto! Smokey eyes. But with so many gals turning to smokey eyes to get their sexy makeup fill, don't you want to stand out just a little bit?

If you live and die by the smokey eye and can't even leave the house without your war paint on, we've got you covered. Achieve a smokey eye without looking like every other girl out there by watching this tutorial. You'll learn how to create a sooty brown smokey eye with an unexpected twist: a pop of purple and lavender on your lower lash line. Best of all, this look uses 100% drugstore products!

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