How To: Create a smokey muted purples eye makeup look

Create a smokey muted purples eye makeup look

With Fall almost here, it's time to change the colors. And this makeup tutorial will hopefully help you change with the seasons, or at least inspire you in greater ways! Watch and learn how to recreate (and add or modify) this smokey muted purples look for eyes. You can use whatever colors you have to create something similar. Use your imagination!

Products used:

* L'Oreal Smokey Lavender
* Milani Black Eyeliner
* Kryolan Black gel liner in waterline
* L'Oreal Linda Evangelista Infallible lip
* MAC Soft and Gentle
* Boscia Moisturizer
* Nars Torrid
* Crown Badger Brush
* Belvada Mascara
* Urban Decay Eden Primer?* Urban Decay outer lashes (not demonstrated) but worn in intro
* NYX brow powder
* Lise Watier white frosty lin

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