How To: Get a mermaid barbie makeup look with MAC products

Get a mermaid barbie makeup look with MAC products

In this video, we learn how to get a mermaid Barbie makeup look with MAC products. First, you will prime your eye, then place a purple eyeshadow on the crease of the eye. Next, apply teal eyeshadow to the inner lid followed by bright blue eyeshadow to the outer v. After this, apply purple eyeshadow to the lid and the crease. Next, apply burgundy shadow to the crease and then add in more purple to the crease. After this, apply gold underneath the eyebrows, then fill the eyebrows in with the appropriate color. After this, apply eyeliner to the top and the bottom of the lashes, then apply teal and purple colors to the lower lash line. Follow this by applying false eyelashes and mascara to the top and bottom of the eye. Next, apply foundation and concealer underneath the eyes. Set with foundation, then apply blush and lip gloss and you're finished!

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