How To: Do easy smokey eyes for an older woman

Do easy smokey eyes for an older woman

Sharon Connolly, Image Consultant, demonstrates how to create a fabulous smoky eyes look.

Start by brushing a very light color over the eyelid area from the lashes to the brow, accenting the inner corner of the eye. Then apply a brown shadow from the lashes to just above the crease of the eye. Take a very light shadow and brush it above that and blend it in. With an angled brush draw underneath the lower lashes with the brown shadow.

Apply a silver shadow over the brown shadow on the eyelid, with a lighter silver in the inner corner. Line the top lid with a pencil, as well as under and above the bottom lashes. With an angled brush apply black shadow just above the lashes and in the outer corner of the eye.

Do the eyebrows with a dark brown pencil, and the lashes with black mascara. Apply a bronzer to the cheeks and around the eyes, then an apricot blush on the cheeks. To finish, line the lips and color them in.

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