How To: Create Jessica Alba inspired daytime smokey eyes

Create Jessica Alba inspired daytime smokey eyes

More likely than not, you're going to be doing smokey eyes off and on for the rest of your life because the makeup look flatters whether you're 21 or 52, going to graduation or just going to work.

Learn how to do Jessica Alba inspired smokey eyes by watching this video. This smokey eye look is not too severe to wear to work and only requires two eyeshadow colors to achieve, making it a quick look to do if you're in a rush.

Sephora's brush num. 22
Sephora's brush for "smokey eyes" makeup (it has two tips - a sharp one for lines and a round one for smudging these lines and achieving the smokey effect).
Light shadow: Chanel num. 60
Brown shadow: YSL num. 21
Sephora num. 1 brow palette
YSL Gloss Pure num. 3

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