How To: Get a smoldering navy blue smokey eye look

Get a smoldering navy blue smokey eye look

We've always been advised to apply eyeshadow shades that complement our individual eye colors. So for sisters with brown eyes, a deep royal purple or metallic silver will bring out the richness and golden undertones of our eyes, while blue eyed gals look great with sunset tones.

But a deep blue smokey eye looks good on just about everyone, setting your eyes as the focal point without any extra silvery shimmer or the tackiness of robin's egg blue. Watch this tutorial to learn how to do a dark blue smokey eye.

MAC: Painterly Paint Pot, Blackground Paint Pot, Vanilla e/s, Scene e/s, Naval e/s, Gesso e/s, Carbon e/s, Prussian Powerpoint Eyeliner, Feline Eyeliner, #44 Lashes.
Dior: Diorshow Liner (Black/Noir), Diorshow Unlimited Mascara (Black/Noir

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