How To: Get Kim Kardashian's bronze, smoky eyes

Get Kim Kardashian's bronze, smoky eyes

Bronze Smokey Eyes

This is a video about how to get Kim Kardashian Bronze Smokey Eyes. Just follow these steps:
1) Apply with your finger a golden bronze shadow. This will be the base color.
2) Black creamy eyeliner to line your lower lashes. Smudge it with a pencil brush.
3) Apply with a pencil a black color shadow to the upper lashes line.
4) Golden brown eye shadow and pad it half on and half off the edge of the black eyeshadow.
5) Apply more black shadow if needed and with a pencil more black shadow along your lower eye lashes line again.
6) With a small brash apply a little bit of golden shadow at the very edge where the brown ends, and a little bit at the bottom.

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