How To: Apply old age makeup for costume or theater

Apply old age makeup for costume or theater

Apply foundation in a shade close to your natural skin color or slightly darker. Make sure it is even and smooth. It is very important to remember when sculpting your face with makeup that highlight creates the illusion of an area coming out, while shadow causes it to recede. Both are necessary to create authentic looking wrinkles. Using a fine-tipped brush and dark brown cream makeup, carefully trace the natural lines on your face (around mouth, eyes and forehead) and neck. If you have no wrinkles, scrunch your face up tightly to see where these lines would be. Taper lines at the ends for a more natural look. You may use eyeliner, but make sure the tip is kept very sharp. Using wider, flat-tipped brush and white cream makeup, carefully draw a white line right up against the dark line and blend it upward toward highlighted areas of your face. The brightest part of the white should be right next to the dark and then fading outward. Do this for all the dark lines drawn on your face. If you use eyeliner, blend the area with the edge of a makeup sponge. After you finish wrinkles, apply a darker powder under your cheekbones, eyes and vertically down the front of your neck on either side of your esophagus. This will give the illusion of these areas being sunk in. Alternately, smudge white cream makeup on cheekbones, above your eyebrows and down the center of your neck as highlight to create more depth. Be sure to blend these areas very well. A makeup sponge works best. Don't forget your eyebrows or other facial hair. Dab the gray (or white) cream makeup onto hair and set with a dusting of loose powder. Apply regular makeup (eyeshadow, blush, lipstick) according to your character. Remember, even men need some amount of this makeup to avoid looking washed out. Just opt for natural, brownish tones instead of pinks and reds. Use a stipple sponge over face to give it a rough texture and finish with loose powder to set the makeup. Add a wig and your costume and enjoy!

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