How To: Style a messy hair ponytail with a bump

Style a messy hair ponytail with a bump

Follow along as we are given instructions on how to style a messy ponytail with a bump for a quick on the go look.

What you will need:
-A teasing comb
-Bobby pins
-A curling iron
-A Bump-it (optional)

What to do:
-Start by teasing your bangs with a teasing comb. Make this into a bump and pin it with bobby pins.
-Then tease the hair behind your bump and place the Bump-it in your hair.
-Then you are going to pull your hair back as if you are going to put it into a ponytail, but instead you are going to begin twisting it and then pull it up.
-Then use clips to pin it. You can then either leave the ponytail like that or curl a couple strands to give it more style.

That's it, you now have a quick on the go hairstyle that looks great.

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