How To: Create a bold Linda Evangelista 1990s makeup look

Create a bold Linda Evangelista 1990s makeup look

At the height of her career, Linda Evangelista was one of the big three: Claudia, Christy, and Linda. The early 1990s were officially known as the Age of the Supermodel, and boy did these women know how to get glam both on and off the catwalk. Big hair and big egos combined to form women who refused to go anywhere without a full face of makeup and whom never had a single hair out of place.

Evangelista was known for her thick, dark eyebrows which made her angular face look even more sharp and pointy, and always played up her plush lips. Learn how to get her well-framed makeup look by watching this video.

PRODUCTS USED: for Pixi and Sleek Make-up Pixi illuminating Tint/Conceal in medium
Pixi Mineral kit (eyeshadows, blush & lips)
M.A.C Espresso on eyebrows
Pixi gel liner
Estee Lauder Stay-in-place double wear lip pencil in Spice
Clinique Loose Powder

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