How To: Apply furry (and surprisingly realistic) Care Bear makeup for Halloween

Apply furry (and surprisingly realistic) Care Bear makeup for Halloween

The Care Bears have stood the test of time, from their first appearance on greeting cards, to cutesy, plush teddy bears, to animated television series, to adventure-filled movies. The Care Bears may be long gone from television, but not from out hearts (especially Sara Griffith's of SharksBiteOfLife).

This makeup tutorial will give you the full instructions for turning yourself into a pink and cuddly Care Bear. We think it's Love-a-Lot Bear, because of the strong pink-colored fur, but it also resembles the light-pink Cheer Bear. Really, you can choose and color and Care Bear you want, as long as you keep the rhinestone heart nose!

So, if you're thinking about becoming a Care Bear for Halloween, this is the only reference you'll need! It's actually quite amazing (and unsettling realistic). This doesn't have to be just a Halloween costume, either— you can don this at your next furry fandom convention, or any other costume event. But sorry— you'll have to figure out the body fursuit yourself.

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