How To: Create a carbon copy "smoky purple eyes" makeup look

Create a carbon copy "smoky purple eyes" makeup look

Watch this makeup video tutorial from Petrilude on how to create a carbon copy "smoky purple eyes" makeup look. What does carbon copy mean? Well, Xsparkage was inspired by Petrilude's "Jeweltone UV Neon" look and did her own version (which was beyond amazing), now Petrilude is copying and bettering one of her styles, the "smoky purple eyes" look. See how to do this new version of the smokey purple eyes.

Products Used:

(M) = MAC
(K) = Kryolan
(DC) = Discontinued

Foundation: Full Coverage Foundation (M)
Concealer: Select Moisturecover Concealer (M)
Powder: Mineralized Skin Finish Natural (M)

Brows: Orpheus Kohl Power (M / DC)
Brow Highlight: Soba Eye Shadow (M)
Eyelid: Iris Eyes Fluidline (M), Violet Pigment (M)
Crease: Entremauve Pigment (M), Carbon Eye Shadow (M)
liner, Lower: Feline Kohl Power (M / DC), Violet Pigment (M)
Mascara: Plushblack Plush Lash (M)

Contour: Tantone Sheertone Blush (M / DC)
Highlight: Otherworldly Sheertone Shimmer (M / DC)

Gloss: Vibrational Lipglass

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I just really love the way you do your makeup, its amazing.=]

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