How To: Create a bright pink and white clubbing eye makeup look

Create a bright pink and white clubbing eye makeup look

When it comes to clubbing, it's hard to stand out makeup-wise. After all, when girls hit a club with their gal pals it's pretty much a given prerogative that they make their makeup look as sexy as possible and their hemlines as high as possible as there's fierce competition with other girls in the club.

So how do you stand out in a sea of smokey eyes? That's actually pretty simple. Check out this video to learn how to create a rockin' bright pink and white eye look that's not your typical smokey eye. Waterlining your lower lash line creates a sultry intensity.

MAC | Painterly Paint Pot
MAC | Jest Eyeshadow (dupe Naked Lunch, Hush, Et Tu Boquet, Seedy Pearl, Retrospek)
MAC | Gesso Eyeshadow
MAC | Louder Please Eyeshadow (dupe Passionate MAC Pro color)
MAC | Cranberry Eyeshadow
MAC | Sketch Eyeshadow
MAC | Feline Eye Kohl
Mabelline | Falsies Mascara

MAC | Fix +
Makeup Forever | HD Foundation (#110)
Makeup Forever | HD Translucent Powder
MAC | Harmony Blush (contour)
MAC | Improvise Mineralize Blush (cheekbones)
MAC | Pink Swoon Blush (apple)

MAC | Moonstone Lip Geleé

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