How To: Do a Halloween vampire makeup look

Do a Halloween vampire makeup look

This video teaches you how to apply make up for a vampire look. Start by applying black eye-liner to your upper and lower lash line. Make sure to apply it pretty thick. Next, blend out the liner with a flat brush. Blend up on the upper lash line so that the liner is covering the eye lid. Blend the lower lash line downwards. Next, take a fluffy brush and dark red eye shadow and apply to the inner half the upper lid and also to the lower lash line. Add the same shadow to the inner corners of the eyes. Next, add black eye shadow to the outer portion of the eye lid and all over the lower lash line. Then, blend the line between the red and the black. Next, take a dark purple and apply it to the crease and blend it upwards. Using the same dark purple, apply to the outer portion of the lower lid and blend it downwards. Next, to make the eyes appear gaunt, apply the dark purple shadow to the entire lower lid area. Top off the look with a white highlight just under the brow then fill in a little of the brow with dark liner. Apply liquid liner to the upper lash line and make a wing that's longer than usual. Now it's time to blend with a fluffy brush and apply false lashes. Now apply a dark red lipstick and gloss. A few more finishing touches with blush and you're on your way!

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