How To: Fix false lashes when the ends detach

Fix false lashes when the ends detach

In this tutorial, we learn how to fix false lashes when the ends detach. First, when you are applying glue to the lashes, make sure you get the end corners so you can prevent them detaching. If this does happen, use a small stick from a beauty supply store and place some eyelash glue onto the tip. After this, place the glue onto the part that has become detached. Push it down so it sticks onto the skin securely, then use some black eyeliner to cover up any glue marks that you may have made. This can help you in a fashion emergency, within just minutes.

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Thank you so much.... I have worn them a whole 2xin my life....
Applied by my beautician friend yesterday & awoke to find corners lifted searched for the last 30+ mins. To find how
to you my friend are an absolut Legend ??????
Thank you babes I appreciate your time very much xx

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