How To: Create a smokey purple eye look with Kandee Johnson

Create a smokey purple eye look with Kandee Johnson

The absolute hottest shade this fall for makeup is a deep eggplant or aubergine. At the Fall 2010 fashion shows, we saw models with purple smokey eyes or neutral lids and a deep berry lip. But however the color was worn, it was used by many makeup artists to add extra sultriness to the makeup look.

And the best part about the color purple is that it flatters everyone.

Purple looks great on brown eyes, green eyes, hazel eyes, black eyes, even blue eyes. To learn how to achieve this purple smokey eye look, check out this video.

Vibrant Grape
India Ink
Purple Haze

Urban Decay Eyeshadow:
from the Alice In Wonderland Palette (purple color: Underland)

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