How To: Apply pink, yellow & green couture-style eye shadow

Apply pink, yellow & green couture-style eye shadow

This is a video tutorial showing its audience how to apply glam couture make up by using green, yellow, and pink tones. The first step is to apply your base over your eye lid. Next take one side of your brush and put some of your yellow eye shadow onto your brush. Then put this into the inner 1/3 of the eye and do this on both eyes. Next you need to flip your brush over and apply the green pigment to the brush. Next apply it to your eyelid and overlap the the green with the yellow just a little bit. Next grab another brush and put the pink pigment onto it. Then add the pink pigment to the rest of your eye. Next you should blend where you need to and repeat all of these steps on both eyes. To finish your look add a bit of eyeliner and add a lot of mascara.

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