How To: Get the Taylor Swift "Our Song" inspired makeup look

Get the Taylor Swift "Our Song" inspired makeup look

In order to recreate a Taylor Swift "Our Song" inspired makeup look, you will need the following: shadow insurance, eye shadow, liquid eyeliner, lipstick, false eyelashes, eyeliner, and mascara. Apply shadow insurance all over your face. Apply a chartreuse eye makeup base to the lid. Apply a shimmering green on the lid. Use a yellow gold eye shadow in the inner corner of the upper lid. Draw the color out to the middle of the lid. Apply a dark green to the corner of the lower lid and into the crease. Try to extend it up to the brow. Add a light brow bone color to the brow bone. Apply liquid liner to the upper lash line. Extend the line out a bit, in order to create a cat eye effect. Apply mascara. Line your waterline with a pencil. Put on false eyelashes.

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