How To: Create an '80s punk rock chick makeup look

Create an '80s punk rock chick makeup look

Despite being well known as the Era of Homogenously Bad Taste, the '80s have recently been referenced by high end designers (think Marc Jacobs), movies (think "Sex and the City 2"), and makeup artists (think the strong fuchsia lips that are in right now).

But rather than make their looks duplicates of the ones in the '80s, designers and makeup artists have updated everything to fit the times. This means concentrating on one feature and subduing anything too bold. Watch this tutorial to learn how to get an '80s punk rock chick makeup look.

The products used are:
Bylaurenluke eye primer nude and dark avail in all kits
NARS scorching sun eye shadow
Hard candy deep plum brown with sparkle eye shadow
Lancome eye shadow quad royal blue with gold sparkle
MAC kohl pencil smoldering
Ardell 105 lashes
Body shop 01 baked bronzer
NARS blush nico
Lancome lipgloss clear white with gold shimmer

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