How To: Create a Poison Ivy makeup look for Halloween

Create a Poison Ivy makeup look for Halloween

Jessica Harlow presents a great look for Halloween. She mostly uses eye shadows by "Beauty from Earth" and "Obsessive Compulsive" brands, but thinks it is OK to use colors from any 88 shade shimmery shadow palettes available in the market.
-Start off by covering eyebrows using glue stick method and then applying primer above and under the eye area including your natural eyebrows
-To bring out the green color, apply a lime green creamy eyeliner over the primer
-Apply a light green eye shadow on eyelids and a darker green above the crease line all the way to the eyebrows line. Jazz it up with a coat of shimmery eye shadow
-Use an angled liner brush (wet with a baby wipe) to make random dark green wings above the natural brow line, beginning with shorter strokes on the inner corner
-Apply strokes in yellow in between the green ones. Use a base of white to bring out the yellow color on the skin.
-Additional depth and highlights can be brought out by applying some black and white shades along the wings
-To apply glitter, dab some lash glue to a small area and apply glitter while keeping the eyes closed. Use green for eyebrow and above eyelid area and lime green color for top of brows.
-Apply some black fluid line gel liner with an angle liner brush all the way to outer corner of eye, extend it further away and then line the bottom lash line towards the inner corner. Apply liner to water line although Jessica suggests the use of pencil liner for this application, specially for people with sensitive eyes.
-Apply mascara to top lash line and give added effect with false lashes. Here, she uses the MAC 44.
-Complete the look by adding some wings under the eye, rosy pink blush on cheeks and a shade of red lipstick.

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