How To: Apply Mad Hatter inspired wearable makeup

Apply Mad Hatter inspired wearable makeup

To apply this particular Mad Hatter inspired makeup you need to start first by applying a lime green color from the mayron pallet to your lid. Then you just take the brush and feather out the edge you created. Taking sun yellow color from ben nuys, apply it to the inner third and inner corner of your lid. Then take the chartreuse color, applying it to the middle third of your lid taking the brush blending it slightly into the sun yellow. After this, take a jade color, applying it to the outer third of your lids blending it into the middle keeping it below the crease. Now take the color amethyst, putting it over the other colors dragging it toward the inner corner, blending it into the top of the other colors. Add Mac eye shadow to the outer corner, dragging it to the inner, after blending 217 into the eye shadow. Highlight it with shrouded then you put tangerine slightly over the sun yellow blending it in. After drawing a line with the lime green mayron, take sun yellow on the outer third of the bottom lid blending it, putting chartreuse onto the middle third of bottom lid blending it also. Place the Jade on the outer third of the bottom lid connecting it to the top lid. Then you place electric blue eyeliner on the water line, then you pack cosmic blue over the top of the eyeliner. Next use Colossal lash from Maybelline applying two or three coats. For lips use lip tars from occ cosmetics mixing one drop each of safety orange, anime, feathered and Melango applying them with a concealer brush to created a orangish-reddish kind of color and that's it.

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