How To: Do an Alice in Wonderland cheshire cat makeup look

Do an Alice in Wonderland cheshire cat makeup look

In order to create a dramatic Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat inspired makeup look, you will need the following: a shocking pink base, a neon pink shadow, a deep purple eye shadow, light brow bone color, white eyeliner, lip liner, lipstick, pink blush, lip gloss, pink shadow, liquid liner, mascara, and false eyelashes. Use a shocking pink base on your lid. Extend it into the crease. Apply the neon pink shadow to the eyelid. Cover the entire lid, stopping before you hit the brow bone. Extend the color out in order to create a cat eye effect. Apply a small crescent of purple on the upper lid. Blend the edges out. Use a brow bone pink shadow on the brow bone. Apply a white eyeliner in the corner of your eye. Apply a light pink in the inside corner of your eye and where they bright pink meets the brow bone color. Line the lower eyelash line with the purple shadow. Make a liquid line on the upper lid. Extend it out on the corner. Put on your false eyelashes. Fill in your lips with a bright lip liner. Apply your lipstick. Finish the lips with a plum lip liner. Apply a pink blush.

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