How To: Apply yellow eye shadow with a crystal clear look

Apply yellow eye shadow with a crystal clear look

Man Woman Film demonstrates how to apply yellow eyeshadow to achieve a crystal clear look. First, define and extend the eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. Then, use a white makeup stick to highlight under the brow arch. Next, use a liquid yellow eyeshadow to paint on yellow eyeshadow to the lids. Use scotch tape to mask off a defining slant on the outer edge of the eye. Apply powdered makeup over the liquid eyeshadow above and below the eye. Apply silver eyeshadow underneath the brow arch. Outline the top yellow color on the eyelids with bright white eyeshadow. Fill in the space up to the eyebrow. Next, remove the tape. Apply black liquid eyeliner and extend it out into the yellow eyeshadow. Use a black eye pencil to give definition to under the eye. Curl your eyelashes and apply fake eyelashes. Then, apply black mascara over the eyelashes. Brush your cheeks with rouge. Apply clear jewels following the slanted line from the eye. Next, apply pink lipstick and clear lip gloss to complete the look.

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