HowTo: Go Jersey Shore This Halloween! Top 10 DIY Snooki Looks

Go Jersey Shore This Halloween! Top 10 DIY Snooki Looks

Jersey Shore's pickle-loving, drunken little ball of fun has captured the affection of many, as well as a fair share of haters. According to today's Wall Street Journal, Snooki and other Jersey Shore characters have surpassed Lady Gaga in popularity for Halloween costumes of 2010. Go Snook. (Not too surprising. For lots of ladies out there, the more revealing the costume, the better.)

HowTo: Go Jersey Shore This Halloween! Top 10 DIY Snooki LooksIf you're thinking of going Guidette this year, the ingredients are simple: Ed Hardy, spray-on-tan, thong, rhinestone sunglasses, the pouf, the perfect makeup, and of course, a jar of pickles. Below, 10 tutorials on achieving the classic Snook look.

P.S. In case you haven't heard, Snooki, in the flesh, will be hosting a $10,000 costume contest on October 30th as part of the "Nightmare in Jersey" Halloween at Jet in the Mirage in Vegas. And the star will be going as...

"Snooki will be what she eats for Halloween. Sequin-shaped pickles will bedazzle the pint-size, poofed-up "Jersey Shore" star from her dress to her sparkling green shoes.

'We're calling it 'The Pickle' because we know how much she likes to eat them,' a rep for designers at the Light Group said." - NY Post

1. Full Snooki Look, Complete With Rhinestone Sunglasses

juicystar07 demonstrates how to get tan skin, the right eye makeup, different costume ideas,  whether to choose a wig or do the pouf, and best of all, how to recreate Snooki's infamous rhinestone sunglasses.

2. Snooki Herself (!) Demonstrates the Pouf

Snooki and the Jersey Shore gang collaboratively demonstrate how to create the classic guidette pouf on an Us Magazine staff member. Clear and thorough instructions? Mmm..yeah right, but I had to include it anyway.

3. HowTo Insert a Bumpit

Despite Snooki's Bumpit hatred (Snook said to Leno, "It's stupid and no one should buy it"), some ladies prefer Bumpits to teasing. Below, xteener gives thorough instructions for BUMPING IT UP!

4. HowTo Make a Snooki Bump AND Carve a Pumpkin

Since Snooki did such a shabby job demonstrating the pouf above, here's WhyDidYouWearThat's bonafide HowTo. If you want to skip the Bumpit, learn to make a bump by teasing. Plus, learn to carve a pumpkin. Bonus.

5. Snooki-Inspired Halloween Look

It's the whole Guidette package: voluptuous hair, glowing orange skin and smoky eyes; a Snooki-inspired Halloween look by heather123.

6. Go Subtle Guidette (If That's Possible)

LaurRoy's look is perhaps the most subtle of the group, not necessarily intended for Halloween, but for hitting the Club. Combine it with the bump for a slightly softer guidette Halloween look.

7. Snooki Makeup

Bis4Brook's Snooki makeup look lays it on real thick, as it should be!

8. Snookify Yourself Every Day of the Week

QueenOfBlendingMUA's "everyday makeup look" is indeed a spoof on Snooki, but serves as a true HowTo.

9. Snooki Clone

The House of Wade Lee creates a convincing Snooki clone with his model Melinda. Whoa. Scarily convincing.

10. Snooki Halloween Makeover

Mother and daughter makeup team Nature's Knock Out demonstrate a full Snooki makeover, for Halloween or anytime you feel the need to go Guidette.

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