How To: Transform into Barbie for Halloween

Transform into Barbie for Halloween

To get the Barbie look. First apply an acne serum and under eye cream. Next, apply foundation with a stippling brush. Now put on concealer and set with loose powder using a powder puff. Next, contour your nose with a light beige shadow to make it look small and blend with a fan brush. After that, put on a wig cap and tuck in loose strays. For the eyes, use your finger and put on little blue eye shadow with your finger and add white to the corners of your eyes. Next apply a pink shadow to the crease making a hard line. Line the crease and around the eye with a dark blue shadow. Add white eyeliner to your waterline to make your eyes appear bigger. For your lashes, glue on some false ones from the drugstore. Cut another set in half and glue one along the outer bottom of your lashes. Add blush to your cheeks. Use pink accessories such as a hair band. After that, apply pink lipstick to your lips and use concealer to make your lip line look crisp. Add more powder to set it. Finish off with some lip gloss.

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