How To: Create eye shadow looks for different type of eyes

Create eye shadow looks for different type of eyes

Beauty Newbie suggests determining the shape of your eyes to create dramatic makeup looks using eye shadow. For close set eyes, you'll need to create more space between your eyes. Try applying a light shade on the inner third of your eye. Then, on the outer part of your eye add a darker shade. Its not necessary to always use three shades, although it does enhance the end result. If your eyes are wider set, you'd just do the opposite of the close set eye technique. If your eyes are deep set, Applying shimmer brings light to your eyes and opens them up. If your eyes are droopy, blend a dark color on the crease going up and out. You can use any color on the lid and don't line the bottom of the eye. For large eyes you can apply dark shadow or liner to the lash line. For aging eyes light shades tend to brighten the eye. The key is to have fun and to create the look that compliments you.

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