How To: Create a '20s flapper inspired makeup look for Halloween

Create a '20s flapper inspired makeup look for Halloween

Despite all the glitz and glamour of the '20s, flappers were more than anything else dressing the scandalous way they were in order to look like men. They flouted traditional notions of female beauty by binding their breasts, wearing sheaths that disguised their feminine curves, and wearing hemlines up to there.

Evoke the true spirit of flapperhood by creating this flapper-inspired makeup look for Halloween. The look adopts the androgyny of flapper looks with a super dark and bold eyebrow and sculpted eyes lined to evoke harsh shadows.

MAC | Smolder Eye Kohl
MAC | Coquette shadow
MAC | Swiss Chocolate shadow
MAC | Blanc Type shadow
MAC | Bisque shadow
MAC | ProLash mascara

MAC | Cherry Lip Liner
MAC | Kittenish Lipstick (Fabulous Feline)

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