How To: Create a punky Emilie Autumn inspired makeup look

Create a punky Emilie Autumn inspired makeup look

Emilie Autumn is a fun, unique singer who dresses up like the hybrid of a doll and pin up girl. Slightly kooky yet adorable at the same time, the singer is truly one who doesn't care what others think of her personal style.

Get inspired by this bodacious singer by checking out this makeup tutorial. You'll learn how to create a doll-like look with sunken eyes and red lips.

The products used:

The manly pro palette from ebay
Ruby red eye shadow
black matte eye shadow
rustic red eye shadow
Benefit black eye pencil
MAC eye brow pencil stud
MAC superslick liquid liner
Lashes from lash direct online
MAC blush harmony
Sephora crazy horses red lipstick
Estee Lauder lipgloss extravagant plum
Loreal million lashes mascara black

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