How To: Create Katy Perry's graphic makeup look from "Firework"

Create Katy Perry's graphic makeup look from "Firework"

Katy Perry is well known for being a chica who loves colors - on her eyes, cheeks, lips, and really everywhere, and all at once. But recently she's been favoring a softer - though still super dramatic - makeup look consisting of heavy, graphic eyes and a pouty pink lip.

She wears such a look in her new music video for "Firework." Black and white eyes, pink cheeks, and pastel pink lips make this look super pretty and girly.

It's so soft and gorgeous, it could easily be used as an every day look or even a bridal look.

The products used:
Bobbi Brown foundation 2.5
Lauren Luke eye primer
Wales palette mushroom mauve colour eye shadow
mixed with the grey slate from manly palette
Wales palette light lilac eye shadow
Manly palette gold vanilla eye shadow
MAC powerpoint industry eye liner
Benefit eye bright pencil
Ardell whispies lashes
Paula dorf brow powder brunette
Givenchy brow wax pencil
MAC pink swoon blush
MAC profusion lipstick

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