How to Create a bewitching, elegant masquerade makeup look for Halloween

Even during the first Halloween celebrations, masks, disguise, and deceit were the focus of the holiday. Commemorate those tender beginnings by dressing up as a masked masquerade attendee. Wear whatever fancy ball gown you want and then check out this Halloween makeup tutorial by Michelle Phan to learn how to create a drop dead gorgeous masquerade look.

Plush, glossy red lips and a very dramatic lavender black smoky eye winged out at the sides make this look so beguiling, with or without mask.

List of products in order:

Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate

Teint Miracle Lift-From-Within Makeup

Foundation -- Brush #2

Effacernes Concealer

Ageless Minérale Mineral Powder Foundation SPF 21

Powder -- Brush #1

Le Crayon Poudre Powder Eyebrow Pencil

Le Crayon Khôl Eyeliner in Blanc

Color Design Eye Shadow in It List

Large Shadow -- Brush #11

Color Design Eye Shadow in Garment

Dual End Liner and Shadow -- Brush #18

Color Design Eye Shadow in D

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