How To: Get gold & smoky eye look

Get gold & smoky eye look

The Style Diet's Anna Saccone takes us through the process of getting a gold and smoky eye look using basic everyday makeup!

1. To start the look, obtain two different colors of eye shadow (gold and reddish brown)
2. Lightly apply the gold eye shadow to your upper eye lid with your finger
3. Using a basic eye shadow brush, dip it in the reddish brown eye shadow and apply right over the gold layer
4. Obtain a crease brush and mulch color by Mac
5. Apply mulch color using mini circles in your crease, then blend
6. Now using a vanilla white eye shadow, blend in mulch with skin using your little finger so there are no harsh lines
7. Line your eye using a black coal eye pencil
8. Apply Mascara

By following these steps, you will have that gold and smokey eye look that everyone will notice!

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