How To: Create smokey eye look with a one shade of eye shadow

Create smokey eye look with a one shade of eye shadow

Want a smokey eye look but only have a single type of eye shadow? This home beauty video tutorial will teach you how to create a classy, imperceptibly gradiated eye look using that single shade of eye shadow.

Learn how to make one color look like 3 with this how-to!

Check out the video highlights:

2:51 Apply eyeshadow base
3:08 Apply black eye pencil to inner and outer corner of lid and blend out
5:03 Apply sheer layer of grayish brownish/black pigment to lid up to crease
6:29 Foil the same shadow and apply it to the center of the lid
7:16 Line waterline and top and bottom lashline with black liner
7:37 Apply same shadow to lower lashline and smudge liner
7:58 Fill in eyebrows
8:15 Apply lashes
9:42 Apply mineral foundation with wet buffer brush
10:11 Contour with darker loose mineral foundation
10:32 Apply blush
11:00 Line lips with brownish lip pencil and blend out line
11:22 Apply mauve tone lipstick
11:34 Apply shimmery gold gloss to center of lips
12:03 Apply setting spray
12:27 The final look!

I mainly used Steelo Cosmetics for this look, you can [ find them here.

To find a complete post with products used, check out my blog at

FTC Disclosure: The products I used in this video were featured in a past review a while ago. I wasn't asked to make this video but I just wanted to pull out the products since I hadn't used them in a while and I really like them. I wasn't paid to make this video and am not affiliated with the company

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