How To: Create Lunar New Year inspired tiger eyes

Create Lunar New Year inspired tiger eyes

In this tutorial, we learn how to create a realistic looking cut using cinema makeup. This is a great look for a new year or holiday look that you want to make yourself look more unique and stand out! First, take a brow pencil and redefine your brows so they are darker and more intense. Avoid using black, most people cannot pull this look off. Now, use eyeshadow primer on the eyelids to enhance the eyeshadow color. After this, use gold eyeshadow and apply on the outer v of the eye. Then, take a lighter gold color and apply on the inner corner of the eye until you reach the middle. Now, blend the shadow to get rid of any harsh edges and extend the color out. Using a pearl white color, apply to the lower lash line and then apply the gold color next to this on the lower lash line. Now take a red and orange shadow to blend on the outer corner of the eye. After this, apply pear white shadow underneath the eyebrows to bring in more dimension to the eye. Next take black gel eyeliner and apply it to the top of the eye, extending like a cat. Bring down the inner line to emphasize the cat eye. Now line the lower lash line and stop at the half way mark. Line the waterline to darken the look, then line inside the inner corner of the eye. Now, draw tiger stripes using the same gel eyeliner. Make light strokes to make the pattern look natural. Use a photo of a tiger eye to create this look more easily. Use liquid eyeliner to intensify the lines, making them thick to seem more realistic. Add the right balance of lines, then you will finish your look!

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