How To: Create red and gold eye shadow look

Create red and gold eye shadow look

Make your eyes shine! Watch this video to learn how to use gold and red eye shadows to make your eyes sparking


Clinique Perfectly Real Makeup - shade 18 (g)
MAC Studio Fix - NC 35
MAC Mineralized Skinfinish n Northern Lights (for blush)

Urban Decay Primer Potion (for base)
MAC Flammable eye paint
MAC Gold Mode pigment (from the Rushmetal collection)
MAC Mi' Lady mineralized eye shadow (from the Antiquitease/Colour collection)
MAC Ricepaper eye shadow (highlight)
MAC Smolder eye kohl (liner)
Diorshow Mascara in black
MAC Espresso eye shadow (for brows)

Stýli-Style Line & Seal lip liner in Red
MAC Queen's Sin lipstick (from Antiquitease/Colour collection)
MAC Boundless 3D-glass

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