How To: Create a "True Blood" Bon Temps swamp makeup look

Create a "True Blood" Bon Temps swamp makeup look

Out in Bon Temps, the town in which "True Blood" takes place, everything you thought couldn't exist comes alive. Vampires and werewolves roam the town, so is it any surprise that the Bon Temps swamp is a character all its own? While not a living and breathing character, the swamp provides a murky, dark backdrop for the show's most harrowing scenes. And in that sense, it tells you a lot more about the characters than you'd get just out of their performance.

Achieve a look inspired by our favorite non-living character, the swamp, by watching this makeup tutorial. With lush, deep greens, gold greens, and mysterious black shadow, this eye look is tremendously gorgeous and not scary at all, even if its inspiration is.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Wet "N Wild Idol Eyes Pencil Envy
MAC Pigment Golden Olive
Detrivore eyeshadows: Abnormal and Abyss
Physician's Formula Gel Liner trio for Green Eyes
Black Mascara of your choice

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