How To: Create a hot pink and red Callowlily inspired makeup look

Create a hot pink and red Callowlily inspired makeup look

Callowlily is an urban artist who creates drawings of women who are society types with a dark edge. So you'll typically see her depict beauty queens with vampire fangs and blood splattered all over her dress. While these girls are more messed up than straightlaced beautiful, they do make great artistic inspirations.

Check out this makeup tutorial to learn how to create a Callowlily inspired makeup look with hot pink and red eyeshadow and lots of gold shimmer.

NYX white eyeshadow base
MAC Dusty Coral pigment
Sugarpill Dollipop(hot pink), Love+ (red), Bulletproof(black)
Urban Decay ABC gum (highlight)
Urban Decay peversion liquid liner (for detailing around the cheeks and lips!)
La Femme blush palette for the pink circles
Make Up For Ever flash color palette (for pink circles and black X)
MAC blacktrack fluidline
no name red lip liner
OCC Strutter liptar

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