How To: Create a super dramatic red and plum eye look with burgundy lips

Create a super dramatic red and plum eye look with burgundy lips

We've been told most of our makeup-applying lives that you either emphasize your eyes OR your lips, but never both to avoid overload. And while this rule of thumb works for occasions like your sister's wedding and work, there comes a time when a girl must rebel and allow herself to experiment. By breaking the rules, you'll learn what dramatic colors and looks go best with your skin tone and particular facial features.

Check out this makeup tutorial to learn how to create a dramatic, vampire-worthy look with blood red burgundy and plum eyes and lips that look like the color of dried blood. This is an excellent combo if you're going as a vampire or undead creature for Halloween.

MUFE HD Foundation 118
Louise Young foundation brush
MUFE Star powder in Red
MUFE 92 Eyeshadow
Model's Own pigment in Jade
MAC Pale Yellow pencil
Ardell & Illamasqua Lashes
MAC Currant Lip liner
MAC Dubonnet & Film Noir lipstick
Beverley Knight eyeliner

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