How To: Create a shimmery gunmetal "starry skies" makeup look

Create a shimmery gunmetal "starry skies" makeup look

Part of the beauty of summer is the stark contrast between day (hot, sunny, bright) and night (chilly, starry). While loads of makeup tutorials can be found that will teach you how to get the "summer glow" and infuse your face with more bronzer than Mr. Armani has ever encountered in his lifetime, gorgeous summer nights are often neglected as a beauty inspiration.

But no longer. In this makeup tutorial you'll get the 411 on how to create a makeup look inspired by those sizzling summer nights. As evidenced by Vincent van Gogh's painting, starry skies are the stuff of true art.

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Sharkskin by Mac
Any Brown Eye shadow
Snatch from Urban Decay's Shadow Box
Clinique primer
Tarte primer
Lancome high definicils mascara
Style powder blush by Mac
Roman holiday lipstick by Nars

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