How To: Create Natalie Portman's avian inspired "Black Swan" makeup look

Create Natalie Portman's avian inspired "Black Swan" makeup look

Natalie Portman's bulging red avian eyes in her new movie "Black Swan" may be scary, but the rest of her makeup is like a work of art. WIth wing-inspired feathery black and white eye makeup and deep blood red lips, she looks every part a girl who's psyche is falling apart and consuming her as well as a beautiful prima ballerina.

Her show-stopping makeup has had the world abuzz since the film's first poster was revealed: dark lips, white face, and over-the-top eyes. makeup artist, Brandi McCormick, is here to show you how to achieve this dramatic look. Though this may not be a look you can wear anytime, it's a really fun costume look that's sure to blow your friends away.

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