How To: Apply icy blue eye shades for a winter inspired look

Apply icy blue eye shades for a winter inspired look

In this tutorial, we learn how to apply ice blue eye shades for the winter. To start, apply concealer underneath your eyes and then apply foundation to the entire face. Next, use an angled brush to apply makeup to your brows and make them more full. Now apply powder underneath your eye to catch any powder that falls while you are applying eyeshadow. After this apply primer to your entire lid and then apply a yellow tone shadow to your entire eye. Now take a blue eyeshadow and brush it on the crease of the eye. After this, brush another blue eyeshadow powder and apply it to the entire eyelid. Brush on darker blue eyeshadow to the outer lid then apply a thick layer of foundation to finish. Apply mascara and fake eyelashes if you prefer, and you're finished!

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