How To: Apply makeup for small eyes

Apply makeup for small eyes

1. Before applying eye makeup, eliminate under-eye swelling by applying cold compresses to your eyes for ten minutes. Any fluid retention around your eyes will cause eyes to look smaller.
2. Dark circles under the eyes can make small eyes recede more. Start with a light application of under-eye concealer in a shade that's slightly lighter than your natural skin color. This will give the illusion of larger eyes while providing a nice base for eyeshadow.
3. If you want small eyes to pop, choose an eyeshadow shade that contrasts with your eye color. If you have blue eyes, brown shades are flattering and create the kind of contrast that makes eyes look larger and more significant. Purple shades do the same for brown eyes. Never wear a shadow that's the same shade as your natural eye color and avoid choosing a shade that's too dark. Apply chosen shade of shadow to the crease of the eye after applying a lighter shade such as a champagne color to serve as a base. The light shade will help to open up the eye and will contrast well with the darker shadow.
4. To make small eyes stand out more, keep your line thin and avoid uniformly lining the entire eye. Keep the liner concentrated along the outer third of your eye and extend it slightly up beyond the corner to lift and open up your eyes. Avoid using a dark, overpowering shade of liner.
5. Curling lashes will help to further open up eyes and make them look larger. Once this is done, apply loose powder to lashes before applying two light coats of mascara. The powder will prevent clumping which can further overpower your eyes. Apply mascara to upper lashes only to make eyes appear larger.
6. For evening, you can apply a light, shimmering shade of eye shadow to the inner corner of your eyelids. This will open up the eyes and add additional sparkle and emphasis.

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