How To: Use cranberries & reds in your eye makeup

Use cranberries & reds in your eye makeup

Learn the Cranberries inspired eyeshadow makeup tutorial by Tiffany Apply dark brown shade to the eyelid, covering the whole area of the eye. Lightly pat the cranberry eyeshadow to the applied brown eyeshadow to make a bright and shiny color. Create a thin line of the cranberry eyeshadow to the lower lash line. Use a blending brush after applying the cranberry eyeshadow to remove harsh lines. To brighten up the eye, use a flat brush with very light pink eyeshadow and apply a little amount to the tear duct area. Add brown eyeshadow to the outer half crease area. Apply medium brown color eyeshadow to the upper crease to blend the skin color to the eyeshadow. Putting an eyeshadow is done. Apply the eyeliner, fill the eyebrows, blush on your cheeks and put an adoring pink lipstick and everything is set. Follow these steps from Tiffany and look elegantly to your party tonight.

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