How To: Apply a tropical punch inspired makeup look

Apply a tropical punch inspired makeup look

In this beauty tutorial learn how to use Mac and BitchSlap! Cosmetics to obtain a tropical punch-inspired makeup look. The look incorporates yellow and blue tones to the eye area. To begin, make sure to apply a foundation onto the entire eye lid and under eye area. Use a brush to apply the light blue color on the middle section of the eye lid and crease. In the inner part of the eye lid and crease, brush on a yellow shadow. A dark navy color should be applied to the outer portion of the eye. On top of the light blue shade that was applied first, a darker blue shade is applied that is blended into the outer portion of the eye. Dust on more yellow shadow just above the crease of the eye. Then, use a shimmery shade to highlight the brow bone. Use a liquid liner to create a thin line along the lash line. A blue eyeliner should be used to line the lower lash line. Follow the steps outlined in this tutorial for a bright, tropical eye makeup look.

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