How To: Steal Megan Fox's look from the Transformers premiere

Steal Megan Fox's look from the Transformers premiere

Make up artist Katie teaches viewers easy to follow techniques in achieving a Megan Fox make up look. Using a make up brush, apply concealer below the eyes and areas all over the face. Use a sponge to apply the foundation and gently blend it with the concealer to achieve a flawless look. To achieve a glow in your face, use a blush brush and apply blush on shade with a fine shimmer all over the face with emphasis on the cheeks and forehead. Perfect-shaped eye brows is achieved by applying black eyeshadow on the brows using an eye brow brush. Apply eyeshadow on the entire eyelid to serve as the base color. Try mixing various shadow colors on the pink and peach shade and apply it on the eyelids. A highlighting shimmer is applied just below the brow line. Carefully apply and blend a thin line of black eyeliner on the top lash line. The highlight of the eye make up is achieved by applying minimal but noticeable purple eyeshadow right on the eyelid. A light shade of eyeshadow is applied around the corners of the eyes. A minimal application of a lighter shade of eyeliner on the water line gives a cooler effect. Starting from the middle portion, apply black eyeliner on the bottom of the eyes using an angled liner brush. False eye lashes are attached and a gel liner is applied to hide any visible marks left by the eyelash adhesive. Bring together the natural and the false lashes by applying a thick coat of mascara. Apply a small amount of cheek color on the cheeks. It is advised to use a frosted and shimmery pink lip color. A slightly pigmented lip gloss is carefully applied to the lips. Following the these directions will help you achieve the perfect red carpet look.

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