How To: Apply Ed Hardy inspired makeup

Apply Ed Hardy inspired makeup

In this beauty tutorial, learn how to get the dramatic eye synonymous with Ed Hardy-Inspired makeup. The first thing you will need to do is apply a foundation over your entire eye area. Because so much makeup is being used, you really want to make sure there is a foundation in place to keep all of the color in place. Then, with a no. 217 brush, sweep a dark navy blue color over your entire lid as well as the crease. Line your lower lash line with a dark blue cream eye shadow and also fill in the rest of your eye lid. Take a lighter blue, iridescent shade and put it over your entire eye lid. Make sure to blend all of your colors. Brush a lime green color just above the crease and add a bright yellow color in the inner corner of your eye. Layer a dark blue color on only the outer portion of your eyelid. The trick is to layer on additional layers of makeup to intensify the color. Using a black liquid liner from NYC, line your upper lash line, add false eye lashes, and sweep on a highlight color on your brow bone. Follow the steps outlined in this video to learn how to get Ed Hardy-inspired eye makeup.

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