How To: Apply eyeshadow with a sponge tip applicator

Apply eyeshadow with a sponge tip applicator

Learn the right way of Applying Eye Shadow using a sponge tip applicator, as shown in this video. Begin by applying a little eye primer over the eye lids, to ensure the make up stays longer. Spread it evenly using a brush or your finger tips. Always take a light shade (Bisque by MAC used in this video) of an eye shadow first onto a sponge tip applicator. Dust off the excess. Press and dab the color over the brow area. Blend it in to soften the edges. Next, choose any two dark shades, which match your outfit (green and blue shades used in the video). First apply the lighter of the two shades over the eye lid. Press and dab the color gently and evenly up to the crease of the eye. Then turn the applicator brush to one side and gently blend it out, right up to the corners. Next, take a little of the other darker shade of eye shadow onto the tip of the applicator brush. Gently press and dab only on the outer portion of the eye lid, to get a dramatic effect. Add some eyeliner to complete the look.

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