How To: Apply a tiger mask with makeup for Halloween

Apply a tiger mask with makeup for Halloween

In order to make a tiger mask with makeup for Halloween, you will need the following: moisturizer, white and black liner pencils, black liquid liner, eye shadows, blush, and lipstick. Apply moisturizer. It may help to print out pictures of tigers to use as a reference. Begin with the white pencil. Sketch out the area that you will be painting on your face in white. Paint the eyes white and the tiger's mouth, which is extending your mouth from ear to ear with white eye shadow. Blend it in. Apply a dark brownish red blush to fill in all of the non-white places. Draw cat eyes with a black eyeliner pencil. Next, draw crescent on either side of the nose. Blend it in. Draw an angle over the nose by drawing a line from the nostril flare to the point of your nose. Color in the tip of the nose with pink eye shadow or lipstick. Begin drawing the black lines on your face with a pencil. Paint the lips black. Draw in the lines for the stripes. Add shadow around the mouth. If you have false vampire teeth, you can put them in.

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This would go really well with the tiger mask!

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