How To: Create a Moulin Rouge inspired mask of mystery for Halloween

Create a Moulin Rouge inspired mask of mystery for Halloween

What we love about this "Mask of Mystery" is that you can use it for a large variety of Halloween costumes. Delicate scroll patterns ending in curlicues and dubbed over with glitter make this painted on mask perfect for dark fairies, Moulin Rouge can can dancers, Mardi Gras participants, and even sorceresses.

This makeup look does take a bit of patience to complete, but we guarantee the ravishing results will be worth it. To learn how to create this mask of mystery, check out this makeup tutorial.

Check out my facebook, I have photos of all my halloween looks with links so it's easy to find the tutorials:

If you want to learn about the products I used and where I purchased them, check out my Halloween Haul:

I forgot to mention foundation, apply it BEFORE you draw the design. It makes it a lot easier.
Rimmel Eye Kohl in White
Tulip Fabric Paint
Mehron Basic Palette
Silver Cosmetic Glitter
MAC eyeshadow in Pandamonium
MAC eye kohl in Feline
Neutrogena Healthy Volume Mascara in Black
MAC lipstick in Diva

Music is from iMovie! Yay iMovie! : )

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