How To: Apply the Queen of Hearts makeup from "Alice in Wonderland" for Halloween

Apply the Queen of Hearts makeup from "Alice in Wonderland" for Halloween

This video gives an awesome makeup tutorial for the Queen of Hearts from Tim Burton's version of "Alice in Wonderland". In Burton's film, Helena Bonham Carter plays the vicious Red Queen, a character not to be messed with. Even at Halloween. Also, you'll get some costume ideas to help compete your Queen of Hearts costume. See how to transform yourself with all of the following products:

*Snazaroo Clown White
*Nars primer for eyelids (place clear tape to set the area)
*Mac shadestick in Sea Me
*Coastal Scents 88 Ultra Shimmer Palette (second row from the bottom blue in the middle) with Mac 239 brush
*L'Oreal Carbon Black liquid liner to draw eyebrows
*Any black pencil under the lower lash line
*Any mascara
*Line a waterline with white or fleshtone pencil (Chromographic pencil in NC 15)
*Apply birthmark with same liquid liner
*Lower lashes-Ardel Luckies (Cut off a third, since they may be too big for lower lashes)
*Top lashes - Ardel Demi Pixies
*Benefit Erase Paste to cover natural lip color
*Draw a hear at the center of your lips with Mac Chromographic Pencil in Basic Red
*Trace and fill it in with Russian Red
*Nails - OPI Golden Rules

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