How To: Apply a glitter makeup masquerade mask for Halloween

Apply a glitter makeup masquerade mask for Halloween

In this video, we learn how to apply a glitter makeup masquerade mask for Halloween. Start off by applying primer to the eyes, then a dark pink eyeshadow up to the crease. Next, apply purple to the lower lids, blue to the crease, and white underneath the eyebrow. After this, take a darker blue to the outside of the eye and blend together with the pink in the middle. Next, apply the blue shadow to the lower lash line, then apply eyeliner on the top and bottom of the eye in black. Now, you will apply false lashes and draw a basic outline of the mask that is going to be on your face. Use a picture if you don't know where to put the marks at first. Color the lines in with black paint, then wait for it to dry. After this, color the inside of the paint in with gold, blue, and purple sparkly paint. When finished, allow to dry and enjoy your masquerade mask and your Halloween evening!

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